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DroneTalk Discussion Group

DroneTalk is an email forum for those persons interested in building a drone or those who just share our common interest in the little buggers.

It's a simple way for all to communicate their ideas, problems, offer assistance or provide parts to build a drone. These messages come directly to you via email, so you don't need to constantly keep track of events via a bulletin board or web site..

You can decide if you wish to participate in the discussion , or just sit back and eavesdrop on the conversations between other members of the discussion group. Either way, the decision is yours.

Participating in a discussion group is the best way to keep up-to-date with the current club happenings and stay informed of what other members are doing.

This forum is NOT meant as a place to flame others or air personal grievances. You should do that privately.

There are two options when subscribing:

Standard Messages or Digest Messages

Standard Messages means that each time someone posts a message to the group, you'll be immediately emailed a copy of that message.

Digest Messages means that instead of sending you an individual email message for every message posted to the list, you'll receive a "digest" of about 10 messages per day (depending on list traffic).

The advantage of Standard Messages is that you'll receive timely messages and can make timely replies. The disadvantage is that you may not like that many email messages appearing in your email box. The Standard Messages option is the best way to go if you plan to be an active member of the list.

The advantage of Digest Messages is you won't get a lot of e-mail from the list. You'll still get ALL of the messages, but they'll be combined into one email. The disadvantage to Digest Messages is that there could be a longer delay between the time someone posts a message and the time you receive it.

Whichever format you choose, you can always change to the other format later if you decide. The default subscription is Standard Messages . If you wish to receive the Digest Messages , use the option below AFTER you've subscribed.

Please note: the above links are dependent on proper configuration of your browser or email program. If you click the links and nothing happens, your browser or mail program is probably not configured properly.

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