Members and their Droids

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John Sherrell
James "Spanky" Hodson
Christina Carr & Martin Hunger

Christina (Actor) and Martin (Prop Maker) are professionals in their fields, but still find time for hobby projects in Sci-Fi

  Chris Hillman
Craig Smith

Craig's Homemade Holoeye

Mark Hamester
Dave Lockwood
Fireman by trade, worked with AIM to build his own R2, casts and sells his own parts, very skilled at the droid craft.
Dan Hyatt
Heavy duty aluminium construction, laser cut ABS skins, drill motors and fibre optics.
Federica Sesler
Skilled Italian artisan.
Gary Companion
Nick Murray
Gary Salisbury
James Houston
Jeremy Firth
Alex Kung
Norman Jahns
Norman Jahns
Max Cervantes  
Max Cervantes
Kelly Krider
Kelly Krider
Sean Burgess
Sean Burgess